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  • JOHN LOGAN is the Co-Host of Come Together, an international keynote speaker, and an award-winning magician who received a standing ovation on America's Got Talent. He's also the Producer of the popular Magic with The Beatles theater show, which blends magic and media to share how the Fab Four created some of history's most magical and iconic moments. In addition, he's the Founder of the Impossible is Just a Word Program where he presents at leadership conferences to help executives learn more about innovation. John was also nicknamed the Team Magician for the New England Patriots where millions of people would watch him perform for the players every week on social media and currently tours the country with Super Bowl Champion Malcolm Mitchell.

    CHA-CHI LOPRETE is the Co-Host of Come Together, a first-generation Beatles fan and longtime Host of the Breakfast with The Beatles radio broadcast heard weekly in three New England states and around the world. In his forty years in broadcasting, he's hung out with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr many times as well as historic figures from The Beatles' inner circle and beyond, including George Martin, Pete Best, Yoko Ono, Peter Asher, and many others. Cha-Chi has also emceed and narrated five sold-out Beatle inspired performances with the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra and produces the popular podcast Get Back to The Beatles with Cha-Chi Loprete with special guests who have worked with The Fab Four throughout the years.

    Executive Producer


    Stephanie Loprete


    Associate Producer


    Jonathan Vale




    Media Personality Bradley Jay


    Photographers & Videographers 


    Hunter Hoag


    Leo Gozbekian


    Tom Dodge


    Past Musical Guests 


    Beatles Tribute Band: Studio Two


    Sal Baglio from The Stompers


    Ian Motha from The Oh Nos


    Wayne Cabral from The Oh Nos


    Corin Ashley from The Pills


    Gary Backstrom from Jiggle the Handle


    Scott Damgaard


    Jay Buckley




    City Winery


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  • Although John and Cha-Chi travel all over the country, you can always catch their residency show at the City Winery in Downtown Boston:

    JUNE 18TH 2023
    A Paul McCartney Birthday Celebration

    & Father's Day Beatles Brunch!

    Ranked as one of the best musicians of all time, we'll be exploring the life and career of Paul McCartney -- on his actual birthday! All Guests are entered to win a Hofner Beatle Paul Bass Guitar from Guitar Center and we'll be having Jay Buckley as our musical guest!

    MAY 8TH 2023
    Exploring Sgt. Peppers

    Join us as we explore the most dynamic musical album of all time! We'll take a look at rare footage, talk about stories that happened in the studio, and explore what it took to create Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! Scott Damgaard will be our special musical guest as well!

    APRIL 19TH 2023
     Converge Technology Solutions

    Cha-Chi and John will be taking the show to a virtual setting with Converge Technology Solutions! By mixing education with entertainment, they will dive into how four lads understood that collaboration was the key to creativity and changed the world one song at a time! Reach out to us if you'd like to do a virtual event with your company too!

    APRIL 10TH 2023
    The Beatles Top the Charts

    Never before in the history of Billboard had one artist dominated the top five positions...but The Beatles did in April 1964! Join Cha-Chi and John as they tell underground stories of that time and the history of their top hits! Special Musical Guest will be Wayne Cabral from the Beatles tribute band The Oh Nos!

    MARCH 24TH 2023
    The Waltham Land Trust

    Join Cha-Chi and John at the Waltham Land Trust Annual Event! There will be drinks and incredible prizes while they help create an important legacy of land conservation, building trails, maintaining parks, and offering programs throughout the year. John will perform his award-winning magic and Cha-Chi will emcee the event!

    MARCH 18TH 2022
    Meet & Greet with May Pang

    Join Cha-Chi and John during May Pang's Meet & Greet at City Winery Boston! She'll be there to sign copies of her fine art photographs for fans and talk about her relationship with John Lennon that lasted 18 months. She will also discuss her feature film premiering on April 13th called "The Lost Weekend" with underground stories about her life.

    MARCH 13TH 2023
    The Beatles on Film

    Not only were The Beatles musically talented, but they were naturals in front of the camera too. Whether they were producers for their own movies or even inspirations for other documentaries, we'll be exploring the moments when the Fab Four were on the big screen with special musical guest Sal Baglio from The Stompers!

    FEB. 9TH 2022
    Stories & Songs with Denny Laine 

    Join Cha-Chi and John at City Winery Boston with Denny Laine! Best known for his roles as former lead singer ofThe Moody Blues and co-founder of Wings with Paul McCartney, Denny Laine will be performing his hit songs and telling behind-the-scenes stories of his life and career.

    FEB. 8TH 2023
    The Ed Sullivan Show

    Beatlemania took off when the Fab Four appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th 1964 -- where over 73 million people tuned in to watch the lads! Their episode changed the television industry forever and shifted how we consume entertainment. Join us as we tell stories of that night, in addition to celebrating George Harrison's birthday. 

    JAN. 9TH 2023
    Beatles Before America

    Ever wondered how John, Paul, George, and Ringo all met each other? Join us to see who The Beatles were before Beatlemania took over the world, including their adventures in Germany and at the Cavern Club!

    DEC. 5TH 2022
    A Holiday Celebration

    Join us for a festive Fab-filled evening as we spread the holiday joy of The Beatles and good Crimble Cheer with fellow Beatle Fans! We'll re-call stories of their holiday music, their messages they sent to their fans every year, and we'll be giving away our own holiday presents!

    NOV. 7TH 2022
    The White Album

    This show will honor the 54th Anniversary of the White Album. We'll dive deep into stories behind songs and how they almost broke up during this era. We'll also analyze the rumor that the original Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966 and The Beatles hired a look-a-like.

    OCT. 29TH 2022
    A George Harrison Tribute

    Cha-Chi and John will be helping to emcee Harrifest! This 3-day event is filled Beatles and George Harrison music from the best Beatle cover bands throughout New England.

    OCT. 3RD 2022
    A John Lennon Tribute

    Named as the unofficial founder of The Beatles, this show will be celebrating John Lennon. Photographer Roger Farrington will be our special guest who will talk about his secret photography project he did with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

    OCT. 2ND 2022
    A Pete Best Celebration

    Known as the "Fifth Beatles", we'll be with Pete Best to celebrate his birthday! There will be music, cake, and an exclusive Meet and Greet opportunity with Pete!

    SEP. 12TH 2022
    The Beatles in Boston

    We'll reminisce the anniversary of the historic performance by The Beatles at the Boston Garden on September 12th 1964 -- 58 years ago to the day! We're honored to be having guests who were actually there and they'll be sharing memories of that iconic day with our audience!

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